Clay and I had this brilliant idea for a product.  Only, we didn’t have the time, resources or energy to develop it.  I said, “You know that now that we’ve thought of it, the idea will float around until it lands in someone else’s brain and they develop it…”  And I was okay with that, I just hoped it would happen quickly because I really wanted to use it!  And guess what?  It did.


We can’t be the only people that drink out of Mason jars all the time, right?  Well, have you ever tried fitting a Mason jar into a cup holder?  Or balancing one filled with green smoothie between your knees while driving?  Not cool.  These two brilliant dudes came up with exactly the solution we’d been daydreaming about!  A simple plastic lid transforms a regular old jar into a travel-friendly, kid-friendly, wallet-friendly, environmentally friendly sippy/to-go cup!!

Cuppow and kid

The Cuppow lids are everything I hoped they would be!  Not to sound too dramatic, but seriously, it’s just one of those simple little things that solves an irksome problem and makes my day-to-day life that much better.  And don’t you just love that someone saw a problem, came up with a solution and ran with it?  I love it.  And I love these lids:)  Every time I use one (which is pretty much every day) I smile.

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