Best Bedtime Books

These books are great anytime of day, but every book is best just before bed I think, particularly when snow is blowing outside and you’re tucked up warm and cozy inside. Here are some of our latest “Read it again!” books.

Even after I stopped blogging for awhile, I was still sent a TON of books to review! Some of these new books came from the publishers, and others are new-to-us finds from the library. What are the current bedtime hits at your house?

Sophie's Squash

This one has to go at the top of the list; all four of us are nuts about it!! It is the cutest, sweetest story about a girl that adopts a butternut squash at the farmer’s market. I think it’s brilliant.


This was a new addition to our Christmas books. It’s a magical story about a little girl’s journey and it’s told through breathtaking photography, slightly assisted by photoshop (she rides a polar bear). My only complaint is that I wanted the Santa to be dressed in fur and velvet with a real beard and he looked more like a mall santa. But I still love it 🙂

The noisy Paintbox

A beautiful way to introduce the artist Kandisnky and encourage marching to the beat of your own drummer.

Dr. Seuss

An old Dr. Seuss gem from the 1930’s that’s been reissued. I love old books, they just have a different flavor. This is an epic story that illustrates the notion of all work and no play makes everything fall to pieces!

The Girl

I tried reading these to Sam, but the language was a bit over his head. I, on the other hand, burned through the whole series in a matter of days. It’s quirky and weird, magical and empowering. I loved it!

The Invisible Boy

So sweet. You will love him:)

Keep The Lights

This is a childhood favorite of mine; Abbie is so brave! We picked up a copy to add to our Maine collection when we were home for Christmas. Some of you may remember seeing this book on Reading Rainbow:)

Andre the Seal

Another Maine favorite. The statue of Andre is not far from my parents’ house. Sam thinks he would like to have a trained seal some day:)


From the beloved Sandra Boynton and a bunch of famous singers, this CD and book has been played over and over. Sam is nuts about it and thinks the idea of a “frog stampede” (you’ll have to listen to it) is hilarious.

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